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Research Ethics Committees Certificate

2019-07-20 Approval Date: IR.LUMS.REC.1398.097 Approval ID:
Research Ethics Committees of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences Evaluated by:
Approved Status:

The project was found to be in accordance to the ethical principles and the national norms and standards for conducting Medical Research in Iran.


  1. Although the proposal has been approved by the Biomedical Research Ethics Committee, meeting the professional and legal requirements is the sole responsibility of the PI and other project collaborators.
  2. This certificate is reliant on the proposal/documents received by this committee on 2019-07-20. The committee must be notified by the PI as soon as the proposal/documents are modified.
Approval Statement:
: copmparison the effect of ondansetron and pethidine on prevention of postoperative shivering in spinal anesthesia in cesarian section Thesis Title:
Name: beiranvandsiavash
Email: beiranvandsiavash@yahoo.com
Name: bagher jafari takab
Email: bjafaritakab@yahoo.com
Dr. Koroush Saki
Committee Director
Lorestan University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Mojtaba Khaksarian
Committee Secretary
Lorestan University of Medical Sciences